Barrie Foundation

The Barrie Foundation’s food services program is a legacy that was birthed in the 1970’s by Gilbertine Sampson; the Barrie’s maternal grandmother and owner of Sampson’s Daycare.  Mrs. Sampson fed hundreds of children, who may not have eaten otherwise, during the summer months in Trinity Gardens; a small impoverished community in Houston, TX.  Her efforts of service, love and care for children was passed down to her grandchildren who continue to follow in Mrs. Sampson’s footsteps.

In partnership with Elite City Kids, the Barrie Foundation recently fed over 300 children, three meals a day under a five (5) year contract.  They have earned a reputation for being dependable, efficient and for providing meals that are nutritious and delicious to all age groups. They are also a trusted supplier of their Sponsoring Entity, Food for Kids.

This summer, the Barrie Foundation is participating in the Texas Department of Agricultures’ Summer Food Services Program (SFSP), and would like to supply the children within your program free breakfast, lunch and snacks.  All food, serving of meals and documentation will be handled by the Barrie Foundation.  Your only responsibility is to provide a location for the kids to eat, and a kitchen for hot meal prep if one is available and/or desired. Sample menus are attached above for your review.

We would love the opportunity serve the children within your program this summer, and would like to meet with you at your earliest opportunity. The best way to reach us is by sending an email to